Colombia media directory

In Bogota in January 2021, a woman reads a newspaper that features the inauguration of US President Joe Biden on t...

For many years, paramilitaries, drug traffickers, and rebel groups have intimidated Colombian journalists.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) claims that coverage of issues like the environment, armed conflict, corruption, or cooperation between politicians and illegal armed groups regularly leads to harassment, intimidation, and violence.

Despite this, the media generally have the freedom to present a variety of viewpoints and deal with delicate subjects.

Journalists have been attacked more frequently during protests, and public confidence in the media keeps dwindling.

Few private groups control the majority of the media. The primary news source is TV. The most widely read newspaper is El Tiempo, which is privately owned.

According to, 83 percent of the population—or 43 million people—used the internet in July 2022.

  • Liberal Party daily, El Tiempo.
  • Conservative Party daily, El Nuevo Siglo.
  • The daily El Colombiano is based in Medellin.
  • Daily Vanguardia Liberal.
  • Daily El Espectador.
  • La Republica is a daily for business.
  • Weekly - semana.
  • Online news in English from Colombia Reports.
  • State-run Senal Colombia.
  • Private Telecaribe.
  • RCN TV, which is run by Radio Cadena Nacional.
  • Private commercial network Caracol TV.

In Colombia, there are hundreds of stations. These are some of the major networks:

  • State-run Radio National de Colombia.
  • Cadena Super, which also includes Super Stereo FM and Radio Super.
  • Several networks are run by Caracol, including its flagship station, Caracol Colombia.
  • Several affiliates make up the mediumwave (AM) network Radio Cadena Nacional (RCN Radio).

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