Despite the possibility of a fine, the Irish teacher continues to work at the school

County Westmeath resident Enoch Burke standing in front of Wilson's Hospital School

A deadline to comply with a court order prohibiting him from visiting the site or risk being fined has passed, but an Irish teacher has not left his former school.

If Enoch Burke does not follow the order by 14:00 local time on Friday, he will be fined €700 (£615) per day, a High Court judge decided on Thursday.

According to Irish national broadcaster RTÉ, Mr. Burke's father Seán continued to send him to Wilson's Hospital School on a fourth day despite being fired the previous week.

A weekly fine of about €5,000 (£4,397) could be imposed for daily violations of the order.

On February 10, a hearing will be held to decide whether the fine still stands.

The judge also said that if it does not stop Mr. Burke's "completely pointless attendance" at the school, it might be raised.

Because Mr. Burke disregarded the High Court order, he was imprisoned in September.

Irish teachers who disobey court orders will be fined daily.

Enoch Burke, an Irish teacher, was freed from custody.

Until the conclusion of a disciplinary procedure against him, Mr. Burke had previously been suspended from Wilson's Hospital School with full pay.

It happened after he publicly argued with his then-principal at a gathering in June 2022 over the use of the pronoun "they" and addressing a student who is transitioning gender with a new name.

Mr. Burke persisted in showing up for his scheduled hours, which prompted the school to request an injunction from the High Court.

He was unable to go to Wilson's Hospital School or even try to teach there because of that order.

Mr. Burke was imprisoned at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin last September after it was repeatedly violated.

After almost four months, he was eventually released.

Burke claimed that his detention and suspension were illegal.

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