Firefighters from Nottinghamshire donate supplies to rescue crews in Ukraine

the gear that was given

Rescue teams in Ukraine received equipment from a fire service.

Grant Smith, a retired firefighter, delivered the equipment that was given as a gift by the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

It was given to volunteer fire and urban search and rescue teams in Zaporizhzhia and contained an outdated firefighting kit, burns dressings, and casualty handling supplies.

The people of Ukraine are in a desperate situation, according to Mr. Smith. ".

On February 16, he claimed, the equipment was delivered.

Former Stockhill Fire Station firefighter Mr. Smith stated, "We hope to help [Ukrainians] with donations of kit that they need.

"The donations are clearly beneficial because, regrettably, aid does not always reach the places where it is most needed.

"If this assistance can in any way help those in need, then it has been worthwhile. ".

Zaporizhzhia and the surrounding area have been repeatedly shelled and bombed by Russian forces; on October 9, a strike on residential buildings resulted in the deaths of at least 17 people.

The service's engineering manager, Filippo Migliorino, stated: "We are very happy to give our outdated equipment a new home in Ukraine, where it will be used to save lives and assist Ukrainians who have been injured.

"The fire departments and rescue teams in Ukraine are working incredibly hard under extremely trying conditions, and we wish them the best.

. "

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