Following an offensive joke, the taxi company ends its sponsorship of Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan

Since the comedian made offensive comments at a stand-up performance, a taxi booking service has ceased to sponsor the Tommy Tiernan Show on RTÉ.

Following a joke set in a zoo that made reference to taxi drivers, RTÉ presenter Emer O'Neill claimed she left the performance at Vicar Street in Dublin earlier this month.

According to RTÉ News, the Free Now service expressed "disappointment" with Tommy Tiernan's remarks. , external.

Since then, the actor from the Derry Girls has expressed regret to Ms. O'Neill and taken the item down from his set.

Prejudice of any kind toward taxi drivers is unacceptable, according to a statement from Free Now. ".

The Tommy Tiernan Show's sponsorship, it announced, would end, but it would continue to collaborate with RTÉ on other initiatives.

RTÉ stated that it was eager to partner with the business once more in the future.

The BBC has contacted Tommy Tiernan's agents for a response.

Emer O'Neill

Several RTÉ shows have been hosted by Emer O'Neill.

As a campaigner against racism and unintentional bias, Ms. O'Neill has worked to increase public awareness.

She wrote on social media that "a night that was supposed to be fun and filled with laughter turned sour. ".

The punchline, according to her, was about the "African Savannah" and taxi drivers, and the joke was set in a zoo.

She stated to RTÉ radio, externally: "After the joke was told and everyone was laughing, he said, 'Well, it obviously wasn't racist because you are all laughing.

"My friend, I felt her hand on my back. A few individuals in the crowd appeared to be kind of staring at me. ".

Afraid of being heckled, Ms. O'Neill said she waited until later in the performance rather than leaving the location right away.

"In this day and age, I just can't believe that kind of joke could possibly be considered acceptable in any way. ".

According to an actor's statement to RTÉ, he personally apologized to Ms. O'Neill and addressed the situation publicly on stage at subsequent performances.

Despite the fact that not just her was impacted by his remarks, Ms. O'Neill claimed that she felt their conversation had been sincere.

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