G20 talks on declaring war on Ukraine ended in impasse

At a meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Bengaluru, India, a representative from Ru...

Due to disagreements regarding the conflict in Ukraine, the finance ministers of the world's largest economies were unable to reach consensus on a closing statement after talks in India.

At the G20 summit, Russia and China declined to denounce the invasion.

Moscow claimed that the meeting had been unstable and that the West was "anti-Russian.".

The conflict is still having an impact on the world economy a year after Russia invaded.

Since Russia, a G20 member, invaded Ukraine last February, a move that has drawn widespread condemnation, previous meetings of G20 members have also failed to result in a joint statement.

There were "different assessments of the situation and sanctions" at the two-day meeting, according to India, which hosted the talks in the southern city of Bengaluru.

Two paragraphs that summarized the war, according to a footnote, were "agreed to by all member countries, with the exception of Russia and China," and they were "adapted from the G20 Bali Leaders' Declaration in November.".

The G20's activities are still being used in an anti-Russian manner by the Western collective, the Russian foreign ministry expressed regret. way".

It demanded that they "acknowledge the objective realities of a multipolar world" and accused the United States, the European Union, and the G7 countries of "clear blackmail.".

Senior Indian official Ajay Seth claimed during a press conference that representatives from China and Russia objected to the language regarding Ukraine because "their mandate is to deal with economic and financial issues.".

However, he continued, "all 18 of the other countries felt that it was important to bring up the war because it has implications for the world economy.".

This is a war, according to German Finance Minister Christian Lindner. Additionally, Russia and Vladimir Putin are the cause of this war. At this G20 finance meeting, that needs to be made very clear. " .

When Beijing's top diplomat Wang Yi visited Europe this week, Beijing's diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict were stepped up. Wang Yi was given a cordial welcome in Moscow by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A 12-point "peace plan" on the conflict was also published this week by China, which called for "respecting the sovereignty of all countries" and "ending unilateral sanctions."

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