Half Moon Bay: After another mass shooting in California, a suspect is detained

Arrest of the Half Moon Bay shootings suspect, 23 January (image via Reuters and ABC Affiliate KGO)

After a man shot seven former coworkers dead south of San Francisco, California is in shock following its second mass shooting in as many days.

Half Moon Bay, a coastal city, was the scene of the attacks. All of the victims were American farm workers of Chinese descent.

After driving to a police station, suspect Zhao Chunli, 67, was taken into custody.

The state is currently in mourning following the deaths of 11 people at Monterey Park, which is about six hours southeast of Half Moon Bay, during Lunar New Year festivities.

The second attack, which California Governor Gavin Newsom described as "tragedy upon tragedy," occurred while he was meeting with victims of the first mass shooting at a hospital.

At two farms near the neighborhood of Half Moon Bay, the most recent bloodshed to occur in the state.

While three of the shooting victims were later found at a nearby trucking company, four of the victims were initially found at a mushroom farm. A critical condition is being treated for in a hospital for an eighth victim.

Children who lived on the rural property and had just been released from school saw the attack, according to Christina Corpus, sheriff for San Mateo County.

"This kind of shooting is abhorrent. Although we hear about this tragedy far too frequently, it has particularly affected San Mateo County today, the office said.

"It is unspeakable that children would see this. ".

The murderer drove to a nearby police station after the killings were completed, and there he was apprehended.

Zhao Chunli was seen being restrained by police and being taken into custody on US news channels.

He was cooperating with the police and had been discovered in possession of a semi-automatic pistol that may have been used in the assault, according to Sheriff Corpus.

Zhao Chunli, seen in an undated driver's licence photo
Zhao Chunli as seen in an undated picture from a driver's license.

President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Dave Pine told the Associated Press that a "disgruntled employee" was responsible for the attacks.

In a statement, Mr. Pine said, "We are sickened by today's tragedy in Half Moon Bay. "There simply are too many guns in this country, and something needs to change. ".

According to a US non-profit organization called Gun Violence Archive, there have been 37 mass shootings in just 24 days as of the attack in Half Moon Bay.

Four or more people are required to be hurt or killed in a mass shooting, according to their definition.

Detectives in the southern part of the state were still looking for an explanation for the killings in Monterey Park as information about the deadly attack in Half Moon Bay came to light.

In a suburban dance hall there, an elderly Asian immigrant killed 11 people before turning the gun on himself as police closed in.

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