Honoring Valentina Cozma, who perished in a fire at her Stoke-on-Trent residence

Vanessa Cozma

A woman's family has paid tribute to a "supportive and caring mother who tried to keep her family together" after she died in a house fire.

The home on Campbell Road in Stoke-on-Trent was where 40-year-old Valentina Cozma was discovered on Thursday afternoon.

According to Staffordshire Police, her ex-husband, 42-year-old Stoke-on-Trent resident Georgian Constantin, is wanted in connection with her slaying.

She died from smoke inhalation, according to post-mortem examination results.

As her sister Valentina made an appeal for assistance regarding her death, specially trained family liaison officers have continued to assist Ms. Cozma's family.

She said, "Vali was the one I could talk to about anything.".

"Whenever I needed it, she provided me with support. She always made an effort to preserve the family unit.

Even though she didn't have anything, she made sure we didn't lack anything because she was our older sister.

She faced many challenges, but she never gave up. I am requesting assistance from anyone who may have information that could be useful in resolving this case. ".

Detectives said on Sunday that they think Mr. Constantin left Stoke-on-Trent for London and asked people not to approach him but to call 999 right away to report his location.

Georgian Constantin
The Staffordshire Police appealed for Georgian Constantin in Romanian as well.

The two are from Romania, and Mr. Constantin, according to the police, is also connected to Southampton.

On Thursday at 15:10 GMT, there were reports of a fire in Campbell Road, and emergency personnel were dispatched. At the scene, Ms. Cozma's death was confirmed.

Ch Supt Colin Mattinson, the commander of Stoke, stated: "I know the local community is in shock that someone within their community has died in such appalling circumstances.

"Having lived in the neighborhood for a while, we are aware that she was a quiet individual who was well-liked by her neighbors. ".

Additionally, he urged Mr. Constantin and anyone else who might be harboring him to call the police.

"Leaving quickly is not the solution. Since this is a serious crime, anyone found to be aiding an offender will be dealt with harshly, he added.

"We need to secure justice for a teenage boy who lost his mother, Valentina, and her extended family.

. "

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