In Kiev, Keir Starmer meets Zelensky, the president of Ukraine

In Ukraine, Sir Keir Starmer

To reiterate Labour's "unwavering support" for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, Sir Keir Starmer has flown there.

Ahead of the 24 February anniversary of the Russian invasion the following week, the Labour leader met with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

He also visited the alleged war crime sites in Irpin and Bucha.

Last week, Mr. Zelensky traveled to London and other major cities in Europe to advocate for the supply of fighter jets.

"It is very important for me to be here in Ukraine... making clear that support for Ukraine in the United Kingdom is united," Sir Keir told reporters.

While visiting Irpin, a town outside of Kiev, Sir Keir declared, "The position on Ukraine will remain the same should there be an election next year and a change of government.".

Prior to their withdrawal, Russian forces were allegedly accused of committing atrocities in Ukraine during the early stages of the conflict last year. Russia has refuted this. .

"It's incredible to see the evidence of atrocities," Sir Keir said. photographs of unarmed civilians in the suburbs of Kiev who are bound behind their backs and wearing blindfolds.

While adding that "there must be justice for this, there must be justice in The Hague, and there must be proper reparations for the rebuilding of Ukraine," he said he wanted to "acknowledge the courage of the Ukrainian people.". " .

The Labour leader argued during Prime Minister's Questions last week that frozen Russian state assets in the UK ought to be used to pay for Ukraine's reconstruction.

In order to ensure successful war crimes and crimes against humanity prosecutions, he also pushed for evidence to be gathered.

In November, President Zelensky and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met in Kiev.


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