In New York, a U-Haul van driver hits some pedestrians

The location where the U-Haul was stopped is shown in a photo with caution tape surrounding it

In the Bay Ridge neighborhood of New York City, eight people were hurt when a driver in a U-Haul rental van hit them.

According to CBS News, two people are in critical condition, two are in serious condition, and four have minor wounds.

Before hitting pedestrians and fleeing, the suspect, according to the New York Police Department, was dodging a police stop.

At approximately 11:00 local time (16:00 GMT), the incident took place. In the nearby Sunset Park, a male suspect was detained.

According to ABC News, the suspect is a 62-year-old man without a fixed address.

Police stated at a press conference that they do not think the incident has anything to do with terrorism.

The U-Haul van was captured on camera speeding and swerving onto a wide sidewalk as it was being pursued by a police car, crashing into parked bikes and forcing at least one pedestrian to jump out of the way.

Police attempted to stop the van by boxing it in, but the suspect fled after ramming two cars, according to CBS.

The van was stopped in a police-controlled area, and as a precaution, a bomb squad was sent to examine the van.

Photos from the scene show caution tape surrounding the area and several police cars obstructing traffic.

Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, stated that her office is prepared to support the New York Police Department and that she has been briefed on the incident.

Photo of police and caution tape around the area where the U-Haul was apprehended
The suspect swerved onto a sidewalk while trying to elude a police stop, according to the police.

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