In time for Eurovision, a statue of Ukraine will be unveiled at Strawberry Field in Liverpool

Ukraine peace monument unveiled in America

In time for Eurovision in May, a monument honoring Ukraine will be built at Liverpool's famous Strawberry Field.

The 22 ft (6 m) tall Ukrainian Peace Monument, which will be unveiled in the gardens, will serve as a "symbol of hope and for peace throughout the world.".

The statue will reside temporarily in the city before being relocated permanently to Ukraine once the situation is secure.

To commemorate one year since the start of the war in the Ukraine, a scaled-down version has been displayed in the US.

"This sculpture is a wonderful new addition to our gardens, particularly for the local Ukrainian community, who we have been supporting," said Kathy Versfeld, mission director at Strawberry Field.

"The new Strawberry Field bandstand will be next to the monument. Indeed, Eurovision will serve as a reminder of how music can bring people together during difficult times.  Our message is clear - whoever you are, wherever you are, give peace a chance. ".

Strawberry Field, which was once a Salvation Army children's home and served as the inspiration for the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever, was where John Lennon used to play as a child.

In Liverpool, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place from May 9 to May 13.

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