In Wiltshire, King Charles observes Ukrainian soldiers in training

King Charles greeting soldiers with a handshake

The British Army is training Ukrainian soldiers in Wiltshire, and King Charles III has said he is "full of admiration" for them.

An intensive five-week course will be given to 20,000 Ukrainians to help them get ready for battle.

His Majesty observed the men storm a mock trench, most of whom were civilians.

According to Capt. Freddie Bradshaw of the 1 Irish Guards, "We're trying to get them to learn how to use the ground to their advantage.".

"They can utilize our urban and trench complexes. Since a large portion of Ukraine is covered in forest, they must learn how to fight in one.

"The training teams here have a great deal of experience.

Five weeks is a very compressed training schedule, and we're trying to make them as deadly as we can in that time, he said.

King Charles talking to Major Tony Harris
The King was briefed on the operation by Major Tony Harris of the New Zealand military.

The King said to one of the senior officers at an undisclosed location in Wiltshire, "You are amazing, I don't know how you do it.

He continued, "I am filled with admiration.".

Following that, King Charles spent time conversing with 20 of the Ukrainians with the aid of a translator.

One was a mechanic, another was a teacher, and many of them quit their jobs in the private sector to join the army.

Ukrainian soldiers
Many of these recruits quit their day jobs to serve their country in the military.

According to a Ukrainian soldier who spoke to the BBC, "It's an amazing feeling to be in His Majesty's presence.

"It was the occasion from which my life will receive the most illumination.

Another person said: "He inquired about our health, how training was going, and the welfare of our families and wives.

I think it will sink in a few days later, he said, adding that he felt "light on my feet."

King Charles talking to soldiers

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