Inked for Pokémon charity challenge is a tattoo artist

a tattoo of the Pokémon character Mew

To raise money for charity, a tattoo artist has taken on the challenge of tattooing 151 Pokémon characters on other Pokémon fans.

When it was revealed that the series' star Ash Ketchum would end after 25 seasons, Stowmarket resident William Langford, 30, had an idea.

The tattoo artist, who runs his own studio in the Suffolk town, claimed that his clients could select their design from the show's initial run.

The Blue Cross animal welfare organization will receive all proceeds.

William Langford

William Langford wanted to combine his love of Pokémon with his desire to do "something good" this year.

About 12 years into tattooing, Mr. Langford stated that he wanted to "spend the year doing good for people/animals.".

"Since Covid, everything has been strange, and now living expenses have increased.

Because it always happens around Christmas, and because many animals were rehomed or given away during the lockdowns, he said, "I chose to raise money for the Blue Cross.".

He started the fundraiser, and as of now, he has eight of the 151 characters tattooed, with another 10 scheduled.

He claimed that because he enjoyed the "nostalgia" of the original characters, he combined his love of Pokémon and the fundraiser.

They have always piqued my interest because they were very well-liked when I was a child. he continued.

The artist intends to hold a second ongoing charity event in 2024 and hopes to raise £4,000 for Blue Cross.

A still from the Pokémon show

After 25 years, the anime series' main character Ash Ketchum and his devoted Pikachu are expected to depart.

Since 1997, when the main character Ash first encountered the electric mouse-creature Pikachu on his tenth birthday, the Japanese anime series has followed Ash in his quest to become a Pokemon master trainer, which has also inspired a number of motion pictures.

He finally achieved his goal in October when he captured the Pokemon World Championship.

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