Japan is puzzled by a mysterious sphere discovered on a beach

The large metal boulder discovered on the Hamamatsu beach is examined by two police officers

Locals in Japan are puzzled by a sizable metal sphere that washed ashore and has sparked a flurry of speculative activity. .

Even the bomb squad and police who were sent to investigate are unable to identify it at this time.

But it is already known that it is hollow and not dangerous. Many people think it might be a kind of buoy.

Locals in Hamamatsu, a coastal city, have given the discovery various names, including "Godzilla egg," "mooring buoy," and "from outer space.".

Two officials were filmed on Enshuhama Beach inspecting a rusted metal sphere that appeared to be about 1 point5m (4 point9ft) in diameter, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.

A local had discovered it and called the police when they became aware of the strange object on the shore.

Authorities surrounded the area and used X-rays to confirm the object's safety, but they were unable to learn much more.

The ball had been there for some time, according to a runner on the beach who told the local media that he was surprised by the commotion. He reportedly said, "I tried to push it, but it wouldn't budge," according to NHK.

According to local authorities, the object will be taken out soon.

Normally, a find of this nature wouldn't cause suspicion, but since the US shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon earlier this month, there has been a general anxiety about unidentified objects.

Separately, Japan expressed worry to China on Wednesday regarding what it claims are surveillance balloons that have been spotted over its skies at least three times since 2019—a claim it made for the first time last week. Claim of espionage is denied by Beijing.

In the first senior bilateral security dialogue between the two nations in four years, the defense ministers of the two nations met on Wednesday. The launch of a hotline for communication was agreed upon by both parties for this spring.

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