Jovenel Moise: Four more suspects in the plot to assassinate the president of Haiti have been detained

Jeremy Moise

Four more people have been detained by US police on suspicion of participating in the plot to kill Haitian President Jovenel Moise in 2021.

One of the suspects is the boss of a security firm with offices in Florida, which the authorities claim hired ex-combatants from Colombia for the operation.

At his Port-au-Prince home, President Moise was shot and killed, allegedly by Spanish-speaking foreign mercenaries.

Currently, the US is holding eleven suspects.

The owner of Florida-based CTU Security, Venezuelan-American Antonio "Tony" Intriago, allegedly hired a group of ex-Colombian soldiers for the operation, according to the Justice Department (DOJ). He is currently facing a number of accusations, including conspiring to kill or kidnap someone outside the US.

Arcangel Pretel Ortiz, a citizen of Colombia and a representative of the CTU company, has also been detained.

Walter Veintemilla, a financier with ties to Florida, is the third suspect and is charged with funding the Mr. Moise assassination plot. He intends to enter a not guilty plea, his attorney told the Associated Press.

Frederick Joseph Bergmann Jr., the fourth suspect, is charged with smuggling ballistic vests as part of the scheme.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Markenzy Lapointe, declared that "it is crucial to bring (them) to justice.". "Justice will be served in the courtroom. ".

Seven men, including Haitian-American dual citizens James Solages and Joseph Vincent, as well as pastor and entrepreneur Christian Emmanual Sanon, had previously been detained by US authorities for their alleged involvement in the plot.

According to Haitian police, Mr. Sanon had "political objectives" to succeed President Moise.

The DOJ thinks that Mr. Solages, Mr. Vincent, and Germán Alejandro Rivera, a citizen of Colombia, initially intended to kidnap the president of Haiti and fly him out of the country so that a new leader could be installed. They reportedly gave up on the plan because they lacked an aircraft.

US prosecutors claimed in a statement released in January that the three men met at a house in Haiti shortly before the assassination "where firearms and equipment was distributed and Solages announced that the mission was to kill President Moise.".

Due to the resignation of three judges over security concerns, Haiti's own investigation into the murder has largely come to a standstill. A fourth person was dropped.

In Haiti, more than 40 suspects were detained and are still being held, including 18 Colombians. President Moise was followed by the deaths of three more people.

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