Kathleen Folbigg: Woman who was imprisoned for infant deaths is now free

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After new evidence suggested that a woman who had once been dubbed "Australia's worst female serial killer" had not murdered her four children, she was pardoned.

After a jury determined that Kathleen Folbigg had killed Caleb, Patrick, Sarah, and Laura over a 10-year period, she was given an at least 25-year prison sentence in 2003.

But a recent investigation found that scientists think they might have passed away naturally.

One of Australia's worst instances of injustice has been characterized as having occurred in the case of the 55-year-old.

Attorney General for New South Wales Michael Daley declared on Monday that the investigation, which was completed in March, had found that Ms. Folbigg's guilt for each offense was reasonably disputed.

He said, "Kathleen Folbigg ought to be released from custody as soon as practicable.". She has now received a pardon. ".

Previous appeals and a separate investigation into the case in 2019 determined there was no evidence to support a reasonable doubt and gave circumstantial evidence in her original trial more weight.

Prosecutors conceded that the evidence regarding gene mutations had raised legitimate questions about Ms. Folbigg's convictions at the new inquiry, which was presided over by Judge Tom Bathurst.

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