Lebanon media guide

In the Lebanese capital of Beirut, a newspaper vendor arranges the papers at his stall

The vibrant and developed broadcasting industry in Lebanon reflects the diversity and divisions of the nation.

It became a regional media hub and was the first Arab nation to allow private radio and television. News websites from all political perspectives are an important source of information.

Although there is "genuine freedom of expression," political parties have a "stranglehold," and journalism is "a full-fledged weapon in the political conflict," according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Media organizations had to reduce their staffing and budgets due to the financial crisis and the aftermath of the 2020 Beirut port explosion. The Daily Star, the only English-language newspaper in Lebanon, ceased publication in 2021.

Nearly all televisions and radios are privately owned, and many of them are connected to political parties. Hezbollah, a militant group, runs Al-Manar TV. Cable and satellite services are widely used.

Some of the most audacious cultural and social talk shows in the Middle East have been featured on Lebanese television. Numerous private radio stations exist. Partner stations broadcast Radio France Internationale and BBC Arabic.

Online content is not being filtered on a large scale. The state has begun to block more content, but Freedom House noted in 2021 that this has happened frequently without disclosing the reasons for its choices. ".

Internetworldstats.com estimates that by July 2022, there were 5.6 million internet users, or 84 percent of the population, and that there were about 5 million active social media users (We Are Social/Hootsuite, 2022).

  • Every day, An-Nahar - (The Day).
  • Daily Nidaa al-Watan, or "Call of the Nation.".
  • Daily Al-Akhbar - (The News).
  • French name: L'Orient-Le Jour.
  • Daily Addiyar - (The Homeland).
  • Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCi) is a pan-regional, commercial broadcaster that leads its market.
  • Al-Mayadeen - advertisement.
  • Al-Jadeed - advertisement.
  • MTV's Murr TV has advertisements.
  • State-run Tele-Liban.
  • Pro-Hezbollah publication Al-Manar (The Beacon).
  • Commercial for Voice of Lebanon.
  • Commercial for Sawt al-Ghad (Voice of Tomorrow).
  • Commercial radio on Radio Orient.
  • State-run Radio Lebanon.
  • State-run Lebanese National News Agency; English-language pages.
  • English-language news website Naharnet.
  • English news website Ya Libnan.
  • Arabic news website Lebanon 24.

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