Levi Davis: Barcelona's crime unit is looking into the case of a missing rugby player

Liam Davis

According to information provided to the BBC, a Spanish criminal investigation unit is looking into the disappearance of rugby player Levi Davis.

The 24-year-old has not been seen in Barcelona for four months.

Officially still missing, Levi is still being investigated to see if a crime has been committed, according to a spokesman.

Catalan Police, Mossos d'Esquadra, stated that the case involved "disturbing" issues with "no logical explanation.".

A spokesperson for the force informed the BBC that due to Spanish law, it was not permitted to provide further details on ongoing cases.

Since Levi vanished, there haven't been many official updates on his case.

Richard Squire, a friend, has been leading the search for him and calls it an "emotional rollercoaster.".

He says, "I'm dealing with people I've never met before.".

"You are unable to distinguish between accurate and false information. And it's just so distressing.

"Even though it has been four months, every day still feels brand new. And it's difficult, really difficult. ".

At the time of his disappearance, Levi, a former rugby player for Bath and Worthing, was focusing on his music career.

After appearing on Celebrity X-Factor in 2019, he signed a record deal and put out his first song in September.

With his second single scheduled for release in November, Levi traveled to Ibiza to stay with Richard and write songs.

On October 17, he arrived on the island. On October 29, he boarded a boat and traveled to Barcelona.

Old Irish Pub Barcelona
The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona's historic district is where Levi was last seen leaving.

Richard claims that the day before, he dropped Levi off in Ibiza town because he had plans to meet someone for dinner. He hadn't seen him since then.

He texted Levi the following morning to see how he was doing, and he informed him that he had left the island.

"I was undoubtedly concerned for him. I asked, "Where have you been?" He replied, "Barcelona, visiting some friends.".

"So I told him in a voice message that I was worried about him. Tell me where you are, please. ".

When Levi got to Barcelona, he promised to call, but he never did.

After a few days, Richard got in touch with Levi's family and other shared friends, and on November 8th, the police opened an investigation.

Just hours after his arrival in the city, one of Levi's final sightings—cctv footage of him leaving the Old Irish Pub in the heart of the city—took place.

On October 30, just after midnight, he attempted to call another friend before sending a voice message via WhatsApp that was shared with the BBC.

Barcelona is described as "absolutely beautiful" in the brief message.

It's incredible. Literally, I'm just starting to get inspired. My favorite. It's fantastic, he exclaims.

It was Levi's final known interaction with any of his friends or family members.

Levi and his mum Julie
The lack of information regarding the whereabouts of her son, according to Julie, has her frustrated.

Levi's family claims that they are upset by the online rumors and conspiracy theories about his disappearance that have been sparked by a lack of information.

Some of it has been centered around a video of Levi that he uploaded to Instagram before deleting it.

Julie Davis, Levi's mother, claims that she learned about its public release for the first time when it appeared online and she is "disgusted" by some of the rumors that have been spreading.

She claims that it is difficult to know or tell what is true from what isn't.

Julie continues to follow Levi's social media accounts while he is still missing and waits impatiently for any good news.

Even though Levi isn't here, I'm constantly watching TikTok videos and other things, which just gives me the impression that he is.

It merely comforts me. " .

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