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Small Macau, a special administrative region of China, has seen the low-key colonial character that characterized it give way to enormous commercial and tourist development.

A small peninsula and two islands off the southern coast of China are home to the former Portuguese colony, which is close to Hong Kong.

Tourism is the mainstay of its economy. The long history of Macau as a gambling hub has been used to its advantage, bringing in a large number of tourists from China and Hong Kong.

Since Stanley Ho, a Hong Kong tycoon, lost his decades-long monopoly over the gaming sector in 2002, foreign casino operators have made significant investments. Traditional gambling dens have been replaced by brand-new "mega-casinos," which also include significant hotel developments.

  • Administration building: "So Lourenço.".
  • Area: . 115.3 square kilometers.
  • : languages. Portuguese and Chinese.
  • Numerous people. 682,300.
  • Existence expectancy: 88 years (for women) and 83 (for men).

director general: A Ho Iat-seng.

Ho Iat-seng

Ho Iat-seng was chosen to succeed Fernando Chui as Macau's chief executive in August 2019, making him the third leader of the territory since the former Portuguese colony returned to Chinese control.

The choice of their chief executive is made without the direct input of the general public.

Macau skyline

The local government controls terrestrial TV and radio stations and finances the press, making it the main media player in Macau.

The media present a variety of viewpoints, but a US human rights report claims that the media occasionally engages in self-censorship.

Several significant anniversaries in Macau's past:.

1513 . - A Portuguese ship moors in the Pearl River estuary.

the 18th century. - Macau grows into a major trading hub.

Mid-1800s. - Hong Kong surpasses Macau in terms of trade, and traders gradually leave the Portuguese colony.

1939-1945. - During World War Two, the territory serves as a haven for Chinese and Europeans.

1951 . - Macau is formally recognized as a province of Portugal.

1974 . - After the military overthrew the government in Portugal, the territory was given more administrative and economic independence.

1987 . - Portugal and China decide to return Macau to Chinese rule, using the Hong Kong Joint Declaration between Britain and China as a guide.

1999 . - Macau is elevated to a special administrative region under Chinese rule.

Ruins of St Paul's in Macau
Colonial architecture is still visible but fading, as seen in the ruins of St. Paul's cathedral.

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