Mats Lofving, the head of the Swedish police, was later discovered dead

Mr. Mats Lofving

A senior police officer from Sweden was discovered dead at his home in a case that the police have deemed "extremely tragic.".

Regional police chief for Stockholm, Mats Lofving, was just under investigation for choices he allegedly made while dating the former head of police intelligence.

The injured person was reported to the police in Norrkoping, 160 kilometers (100 miles) south-west of Stockholm.

They claimed that he could not be saved.

Police had opened a preliminary murder investigation, a spokesman told Swedish media, because it was still unclear what caused his death.

A few hours earlier, a third-party investigation had revealed that Lofving, 61, the deputy national police chief, had a conflict of interest in some of the choices he made regarding Linda Staaf, the Noa's intelligence chief.

Ms. Staaf has insisted time and time again that her relationship with Lofving was never more than platonic.

Runar Viksten, the special investigator who oversaw the review, found no proof that she and Lofving were dating at the time she was appointed intelligence chief in 2015.

She received her service weapon from the police chief in 2020, her contract was extended and her pay was increased, and she was also given approval to write a crime novel.

The investigator discovered that while Lofving's decisions were neither unjustified nor incorrect, he shouldn't have made them.

Lofving admitted that the conclusions had been challenging to hear on Wednesday to Sweden's public broadcaster. He should either relinquish his position as police chief or resign entirely, according to the report.

Hours before the news of his death broke, Ms. Staaf claimed she was well qualified for the position and felt vindicated because the investigation found that the decisions made regarding her were correct.

She believed the police authority could have provided her with more assistance, though. She claimed to have been the target of a "smear campaign" to the Swedish media in December of last year.

On Wednesday night, Mr. Viksten was about to go into a Swedish TV studio to talk about his findings when he canceled the interview after learning of the police chief's passing.

His conclusions remained the same, he told Swedish media, but it "didn't feel right to repeat my criticism in a TV broadcast.". The events that have occurred are very tragic.

Katharina von Sydow, president of the police union, expressed her condolences to Mats Lofving's family, friends, and coworkers after learning of his passing.

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