media coverage of Latvia

The Dome cathedral in Riga, Latvia

The linguistic and cultural differences between speakers of Russian and Latvian are reflected in the media.

TV is the dominant medium, and the top commercial station TV3, two public networks, and the localized Russian networks in the Baltics dominate the market. All Russian broadcast channels are now forbidden in Lativa due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Owner of TV3, MTG of Sweden, is a significant player in the media industry.

Due in part to the success of the music station Radio 2, Public Latvian Radio (LR) dominates the radio market. State subsidies and advertising fund public television and radio.

Riga's 100.5 FM broadcasts the BBC World Service in English.

The political perspectives reflected in newspapers—all of which are privately owned—vary. Declining circulation has affected many books.

By December 2021, there were 1.6 million internet users, or 88 percent of the population (Worldinternetstats . com). Facebook is rivaled in popularity by the Latvian social network Draugiem . lv.

One of the most popular websites is the Inbox . lv portal, which provides email, dating, and photo services.

  • Diena, every day.
  • Daily Neatkariga Rita Avize (NRA).
  • Daily business news on Dienas Bizness.
  • Latvijas Avize - every day.
  • Daily Russian publication called Vesti Segodnya.
  • MK-Latvia - weekly, in Russian.
  • LTV1 and LTV7 are both owned and operated by Latvian Television (LTV).
  • Commercial on TV3.
  • LNT - advertising.
  • Commercial on TV6.
  • Pan-Baltic Russian TV station PBK is based in Riga.
  • Public six-network radio in Latvia.
  • Commercials can be heard on Radio Skonto.
  • Adverts on Radio SWH.
  • Star FM - commercial.
  • LETA - English-language pages.
  • Latvian News Network.
  • Russian and Latvian language news portal Delfi.
  • TVNET is a news portal that is available in both Russian and Latvian.

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