Media coverage of Mongolia

During a MPP campaign event in Ulaanbaatar in June 2020, supporters take a selfie while holding newspapers

With at least 60% of the market, television is by far the most widely used medium. One of the most watched and listened to media outlets in the nation is Mongolian National Broadcaster, the only public service media organization.

According to the US-based NGO Freedom House, press freedom is generally respected, but media ownership is unclear and many journalists practice self-censorship to protect their reputations and avoid offending political or commercial interests.

According to Reporters Without Borders, media outlets and journalists are the targets of more than half of all defamation cases in Mongolia.

Despite a high literacy rate, newspaper circulations are typically low. Political parties have released a few books.

In Ulan Bator, 103.1 FM plays BBC World Service programming.

By July 2022, there were 3 million internet users, or 89 percent of the population (Worldintnetstats . com). Access to the internet is not officially restricted.

  • Private daily Odriyn Sonin is known as "Daily News.".
  • The largest private daily in the nation is called Unuudur.
  • Daily private Zuunii Medee.
  • The oldest newspaper in the nation, Unen (Truth) -Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party daily, was established in 1920.
  • English-language weekday newspaper The UB Post.
  • a national, public broadcaster is called Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB).
  • TV 25 is a private channel.
  • The city government of Ulaanbaatar owns UBS TV.
  • Private, C1.
  • TV5 - private.
  • Private TV9.
  • Mongolian Radio is the only publicly funded national broadcaster.
  • English-language, state-owned Montsame pages.

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