media guide for Chile

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Alongside large cable networks that provide US and international networks, national and local free-to-air television is available.

There are hundreds of radio stations, the majority of them commercial, making radio a significant news source. The Prisa Group, which is owned by Spain, is a significant player.

Most print titles are owned by two commercial organizations.

In accordance with the constitution, the media are free to express their opinions and discuss sensitive subjects.

Reporters Without Borders' annual press freedom ranking gives Chile a high score. However, the group expresses concern over highly concentrated media ownership.

By July 2022, there were 18.8 million internet users, or 97.2% of the population. Access is unrestricted.

media guides provided by BBC Monitoring.

  • El Mercurio is published every day.
  • La Tercera is available every day.
  • Government-owned daily La Nacion.
  • Daily evening La Segunda.
  • Diario Financiero is a daily for business.
  • State-owned but not directly governed by the government is Chile's National Television.
  • Private canal number 13.
  • Private Chilevision.
  • massively private.
  • UCV is a property of the Catholic University.
  • Private is La Red.
  • a private, national news-focused network called Radio Cooperativa.
  • Pudahuel FM - private.
  • An exclusive network is Bio Bio La Radio.
  • private network: El Conquistador FM.

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