Media guide for Cuba

In Havana, a man reads a newspaper

Newspapers, radio, and television are all closely regulated in Cuba. According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a French organization, Cuba continues to have the worst press freedom in all of Latin America.

The majority of traditional media outlets are governed by the government, and journalists who publish stories deemed to be critical of the political system or the government run the risk of being harassed or imprisoned.

According to US-based NGO Freedom House, the nation's independent press operates outside the law and its publications are viewed as "enemy propaganda.".

The US makes a lot of effort to engage Cuban audiences. Radio-TV Marti, which has the support of Washington, claims to offer unbiased and uncensored news.

According to Freedom House, online access is strictly regulated. It states that the majority of users can only access "a closely monitored Cuban intranet.". Access to a few independent news websites is blocked in Havana.

By July 2022, there were 8.3 million internet users, or 74% of the population (

  • Communist Party newspaper Granma, with a website available in five languages, including English.
  • English-language web pages for the Union of Young Communists newspaper, Juventud Rebelde.
  • Independent news website El Toque.
  • El Estornudo is a reputable news source.
  • State TV portal: Portal de la TV Cubana.
  • State-run radio and television station in Miami, the United States is RadioTelevision Marti.
  • News, music, and sports on Radio Rebelde.
  • News radio Reloj.
  • Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese are all available on Radio Habana Cuba, a third-party website.
  • entertainment on Radio Progreso.
  • State-run Cuban News Agency (ACN).
  • State-run Prensa Latina

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