Media in Bulgaria profile

The Sofia location of Bulgaria's national assembly

Print media is losing ground to television and internet media as the primary sources of news.

According to the media rights organization Reporters Without Borders, media freedom is brittle and unstable in Bulgaria, one of the most impoverished and corrupt nations in the European Union. Bulgaria's sparsely-presented independent voices are constantly under attack.

The most popular channel in Bulgaria, bTV, is run by the global media company CME. Nova TV is a national station owned by the Scandinavian company MTG.

Both private radio stations and regional TV stations are widely available. The primary distribution platforms are cable and satellite. A small number of people control a majority of the media.

According to, 67 percent of the population, or 4.6 million people, used the internet in December 2021. Facebook in particular, which is used internationally, is well-liked.

  • Everyday Dnevnik.
  • Daily 24 hour Chasa.
  • Everyday Telegraf.
  • Each day, Trud.
  • Observe frequently.
  • Standard - every day.
  • Sega - daily.
  • Political and economic weekly, Kapital.
  • Public broadcaster BNT (Bulgarian National Television) offers diaspora viewers satellite TV as well as two national and four regional channels.
  • national, private bTV.
  • Private, national television network Nova.
  • The public broadcaster BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) runs the regional stations as well as the cultural network Hristo Botev.
  • Private, national Darik Radio.
  • BG Radio is a private, international radio station.
  • English-language pages of the state-owned Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).
  • news website called
  • English-language news website Novinite.
  • news website Mediapool

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