media profile for Macau

For the opening of a casino in Macau, a staff member is getting ready

The primary media player in Macau is the local government, which also finances the press and operates terrestrial TV and radio stations.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) criticized the management's interference in the editorial content of the public broadcasters in Macau and Hong Kong in 2021 and urged the governments of the two special administrative regions to stop their attacks on press freedom.

95% of people were online as of July 2022, according to, which reported 632,000 internet users. Among social networks, Facebook is the most widely used.

  • Chinese-language daily, Macao Daily News.
  • Chinese-language Va Kio Daily.
  • Portuguese-language daily, Hoje Macau.
  • Journal Tribuna de Macau, a daily in Portuguese.
  • Portuguese-language daily called Ponto Final.
  • English-language publication: Macau Daily Times.
  • Online news in English and Chinese is available at MacauNews.
  • Portuguese and Chinese-language networks are run by Teledifusao Macau.
  • Macau Asia Satellite TV (MASTV) is a personal channel.
  • Chinese and Portuguese-language networks are run by Radio Macau.
  • Radio Vila Verde, which is exclusive.

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