Media profile for Mali

On May 28, 2018, a man is seen reading a newspaper in Bamako as the president of Malia announced his candidacy for...

The jihadist insurgency in Mali and the military-dominated government have weakened press freedoms.

Media outlets are the targets of militant groups that threaten journalists. Self-censorship has resulted from "patriotic journalism" demands made by pro-junta organizations.

The predominant media is radio. There are numerous stations that are run by the government-run Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Mali (ORTM), private and local broadcasters, and other organizations. In Bamako (88.9 FM), the BBC broadcasts.

The TV industry is much smaller.

From Bamako, almost all daily and weekly newspapers are published. Low circulation numbers. L'Essor is the most prominent name.

By December 2021, 59 percent of the population used the internet, totaling 12 point 4 million users ( Internet or social media access has not been hampered by the regime.

Young people and urban areas are where social media use is most prevalent. Top platform is Facebook.

  • State-owned daily L'Essor.
  • Private daily, Le Republican.
  • L'Independent - daily private.
  • Les Echos - daily private.
  • Le Combat - private daily.
  • The public ORTM TV and TM2 channels broadcast content in French and the native tongues of Mali.
  • The Bamako-based, privately-owned pan-African television network Africable TV.
  • Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali (ORTM) is a public network of local, national, and international stations.
  • Operated by the MINUSMA mission of the UN is Mikado FM.
  • Bamako community radio station: Radio Bamakan.
  • Private radio station in Bamako called Radio Liberte.
  • Privé Radio Kledu, Bamako.
  • Radio Kayira - private, Bamako.
  • MaliWeb is a news portal.
  • News website Malijet.
  • news website in Bamako.
  • News website Maliactu.
  • Agence Malienne de Presse or AMAP.

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