Media profile of Burundi

In the heart of Bujumbura, a man is listening to the news on his phone

The media is largely controlled by governments. Journalists are subject to harassment and must abide by strict press laws.

For many Burundians, radio is their primary source of information. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) claims that the majority of privately owned stations were shuttered following a coup attempt in 2015 and have remained so ever since.

A few journalists have left the nation. According to RSF, the media are generally driven by self-censorship, resignation, and fear.

In 2019, the government forbade FM broadcasts of BBC World Service radio, claiming that it had aired a documentary that had harmed the nation's reputation. The authorities have also terminated Voice of America (VOA), which is funded by the US government.

By December 2021, there were 1.6 million internet users, or 12 percent of the population (

Radio stations that have closed are replaced by social media as news sources. According to RSF, they are also employed in efforts to spread false information.

  • A government newspaper is Le Renouveau.
  • Iwacu is a weekly private website with English and French content.
  • The Catholic Church established Ndongozi (Pacesetter).
  • Private, weekly, French publication called Arc-en-ciel.
  • Government-owned weekly called Ubumwe (Unity).
  • Kirundi, Swahili, French, and English are all spoken on the state-run Television Nationale du Burundi.
  • TeleRenaissance - private.
  • Government-run Radio Burundi broadcasts in English, French, Swahili, and Kirundi.
  • Private radio station: Radio Public Africa.
  • Operated by the Burundi Chamber of Commerce is Radio CCIB.
  • The health ministry contributes to the funding of Radio Culture.
  • Private Radio Isanganiro.
  • Online radio station run by exiled journalists from Burundi.
  • ABP, a government-run news agency in Burundi.
  • Private Net Press

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