Medications are being transported to Ukraine by truck from Gloucestershire

Charlie Mason is seen standing in front of a truck

An airport warehouse has seen the departure of a truckload of medical supplies headed for Ukraine.

On Monday, boxes containing bandages, needles, and hospital gowns departed from Kemble, Gloucestershire's Cotswold Airport.

More than 70 pallets of critical supplies for Ukrainians who are ill or injured are included in the shipment.

The money will be used by British doctors who are assisting in Ukraine through a group called UK Med.

The emergency response stocks of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, which has been aiding Ukraine ever since the Russian invasion started, are where the supplies come from.

Charlie Mason standing outside a truck
Charlie Mason claimed that the assistance would help treat frontline victims.

The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office's Charlie Mason, a humanitarian advisor, coordinates the shipments.

According to Mr. Mason, who explained that the supplies will be used to provide first-aid for victims, there are casualties every time a missile or bomb lands in Ukraine.

The UK government has spent over £200 million on aid for Ukraine since the conflict broke out in February 2022.

Forklift carrying crates full of supplies
Bandages, canes, wheelchairs, and other essential medical supplies are included in the shipment.

According to Mr. Mason, it is challenging to provide medical assistance given the current state of affairs in Ukraine.

Winter's approaching arrival and persistent attacks on the nation's infrastructure, including hospitals, health facilities, the electricity grid, and water supplies, have seriously hampered efforts to provide injured people with medical care, Mr. Mason continued.

The Ukrainian government, the Ministry of Health, the paramedics, and UK Med who are working on the ground in Ukraine have all continued to receive support from us as the conflict has continued.

"Watching this play out, especially so close to Europe, is very tragic.

"But it's a significant contribution that we can make, especially as the UK Government, to support our Ukrainian partners and to offer humanitarian aid to everyone impacted by this conflict.

. "

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