Mercy missions to Ukraine won't be halted by war atrocities, an aid worker claims

Harley Whead

Despite being hit by a missile, a man who travels to Ukraine every two weeks to aid soldiers and civilians said he will continue his work.

Following the landing of a missile at the front of his hotel, Burnley resident Harley Whitehead spent four hours hiding in a basement.

He claimed that the windows were broken by a "little cough," but fortunately no one was hurt.

On Tuesday, he will return to Ukraine with supplies such as first aid kits, body armor, drones, and radios.

Mr. Whitehead is a member of the East Lancashire 4 Ukraine organization, which has been collecting donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Since the forces "need it more than the civilians," they have previously provided surgical supplies, wound and burn dressings, and medication.

"They're really struggling because fighting has increased significantly over the east, and it's actually at its worst right now, so that's our priority," he said. ".

Prior to this, Mr. Whitehead taught English and lived in Kyiv for three years.

In light of "studying the live war map, speaking to people on the ground, and trusting myself," he claimed he was "not at all scared" about the idea of returning.

Because Ukraine is such a large country, he said, "there are places where you wouldn't even know there's a war going on.".

"Things are very different in the east; it's completely dark, and no one is out on the streets.

Harley Whtehead
To Ukraine, Harley Whtehead transports supplies like first aid kits, body armor, drones, and radios.

"Kherson was like a ghost town; the only people left there were the elderly; the younger generation has all fled, and the city is now constantly being shelled.

Although it is quite intense, many people just decide to stay.

"We have people who work with us who evacuate civilians, and they often have to drive into these front-line locations in the midst of intense fighting just to get these people out. ".

To pay for mine clearance training, the group is currently raising money.

The war against mines will last for decades, so we will be planning ahead in Ukraine, according to Mr. Whitehead.

"We will begin our training in May, after which we will help with the clearance.

The liberated areas of Ukraine are covered in mines, and many Russian weapons fail to detonate upon impact.

"The next few months are going to be interesting.

. "

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