More election results from Nigeria are coming in 2023

At the INEC offices in Awka, Nigeria, on February 26, 2023, a member of the Independent National Electoral Commiss...

Sooner or later, additional results from Nigeria's closest election since the end of military rule in 1999 are anticipated.

Growing frustration is caused by the fact that only one of the 36 state results has been formally announced thus far.

The electoral commission expressed regret for the results viewing page's inactivity on its website and claimed a spike in traffic was to blame for any technical difficulties.

The election in some areas of the nation went on for a second day, which contributed to the delays.

In many locations, voting for the election on Saturday began several hours later than scheduled. Some polling places also experienced attacks.

It was the largest democratic exercise in Africa with a participation eligible population of over 87 million.

The two-party system that has ruled Nigeria for the past 24 years has faced an unprecedented challenge in the election.

Potential winners include Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Peter Obi of the previously unknown Labour Party, and Atiku Abubakar of the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). There are 15 other people running for president.

The only outcome that has been officially announced thus far is from the south-western state of Ekiti, where Mr. Tinubu easily won in one of his strongholds.

In the previous two elections, the winner was declared on the third day following voting, but many had anticipated a quicker conclusion this time around due to the introduction of an electronic result transmission system.

By creating a digital version and posting it on the website of the electoral commission, Inec, this was intended to increase transparency and ensure that the results could not be tampered with.

However, a lot of voters have accused election officials of failing to upload the results where they should have, at the polling places.

Voters have shared videos and images where Inec officials refused to upload the results, despite complaints from officials that there wasn't enough internet in some locations to upload the results.

In some states, there have also been reports of disturbances at Inec collation centers, and on Sunday, some political parties urged their supporters to go there to safeguard their votes.

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