Moroccan media directory

In Rabat, a Moroccan is seen reading an issue of Al Ahdath Al Maghribia

The state either controls the broadcast media or they present the official narrative. Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a group based in Paris, claims that independent media outlets and journalists may face harassment and retaliation.

Akhbar Al Yawm, one of the last independent newspapers in the nation, went out of business in 2021. The primary information sources for the general public are social media and websites.

The media steer clear of touchy subjects like religion, monarchy, and Western Sahara.

The main TV networks in Morocco, RTM and 2M, are owned by the government or have a stake in it. Many people use satellite dishes to access French and pan-Arab stations.

There is no widespread site filtering policy. By December 2021, there were 25.5 million internet users, or 68 percent of the population (

  • Le Matin is an informal daily.
  • Al-Massae - daily, private.
  • Assabah - daily, private.
  • Liberation: personal, everyday.
  • L'Economiste is a business newspaper.
  • Weekly, private news source: Telquel.
  • State-run television station Television Marocaine (TVM) is run by Societe Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Television (SNRT).
  • State-owned in part by 2M.
  • Al Maghribia is a satellite channel run by RTM and 2M that targets Moroccan expatriates.
  • Medi 1 TV is a privately held Moroccan and French company that operates as a satellite channel out of Tangier.
  • National networks in Arabic, French, and regional services are run by the state-run Societe Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Television (SNRT).
  • Medi 1 is a privately owned, Tangier-based television station that broadcasts in both French and Arabic.
  • Private, nationwide FM relays Aswat Radio.
  • Hit Radio is a privately owned, national FM relay.
  • Med Radio is a privately owned, national FM relay.
  • State-run, English-language pages can be found at Maghreb Arab Presse (MAP).

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