Mystery ball of Japan was taken off the sand

The large metal boulder discovered on the Hamamatsu beach is examined by two police officers

Local media reports that a metal sphere that confused locals and sparked a lot of rumors after washing up on a Japanese beach has been taken away. .

Images showed a large lifting device hoisting the enormous sphere.

It will be kept "for a while" and then "disposed of," according to Hamamatsu local officials. .

However, a lot of people have also questioned why Japanese officials have not publicly identified what it is.

This week's attention on the mysterious object, also known as a "mooring buoy" and a "godzilla egg," began when a local called the police to report the odd object on the shore.

A bomb squad and police were sent to investigate the object.

Authorities surrounded the area and used X-rays to confirm the object's safety, but they were unable to learn much more.

It has since been taken out.

Everyone in Hamamatsu City, according to a local official, was "worried and interested in what it was about, but I'm relieved that the work is over.".

On social media, many people also questioned why Japanese officials have not clarified what it is. Others have expressed their embarrassment over the entire incident.

According to one tweet, "I can't believe officials from a country surrounded by ocean don't recognize a ball buoy.". .

"OMG, people, that's a steel mooring buoy. One more said, "I'm ashamed to be Japanese.

The regional civil engineering office in Hamamatsu declared that it "considers it to be a buoy made abroad.".   .

The Scottish Association for Marine Science's Prof. Mark Inall, an oceanographer, claimed to have known what it was "instantly.".

He told the BBC, "It's very recognizable.". "We employ them to keep equipment afloat in the sea. ".

He continued, "They frequently wash up on the Scottish coast.".

Even though Professor Inall expressed surprise that the metal sphere was not recognized sooner, he admitted that the general public might not have known what it was. .

"It might be mistaken for a mine . from World War 2. But those would have protruding spikes," he added.

He continued by saying that the items could float in the ocean for decades before washing up on shore, losing their markings and becoming rusted. .

According to Professor Inall, the buoys have the potential to float away from their anchorage during a strong storm or when being pulled by a large fishing boat. .

As mysterious as the metal sphere itself was the Japanese government's response to it. .

There was an increased level of anxiety here as the mysterious ball washed up. The implications of North Korea's recent missile activity were being discussed in the Japanese media last week.

An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) touched down in Japanese territorial waters on Saturday. After the US conducted joint drills with allies in East Asia on Monday, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

The issue of China's spy balloons is another one. For the first time in four years, security discussions between Chinese and Japanese officials took place in Tokyo on Wednesday, during which Japan voiced its concerns regarding the surveillance balloons. .

The government in this country stated last week that it was "strongly suspected" that at least three unidentified flying objects seen over its territorial skies between 2019 and 2021 were Chinese. .

Beijing refuted claims of espionage and urged Tokyo to stop overstating Chinese threats in line with Washington. .

The flurry of speculation in Japan is understandable given the tense undercurrent of geopolitical events and perceived threats from its neighbors. .

Given the current circumstances, dot. I could see why there would be interest in an unknown floating object, said Professor Inall.

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