Namibia media guide

In Windhoek, there is the Christ Church and the brand-new Namibia National Museum

Press freedom is guaranteed by Namibia's constitution and is generally upheld in reality.

Few legal restrictions apply to journalists, and they typically work without fear for their safety. According to US-based Freedom House, private media outlets continue to criticize the government even though state media outlets frequently self-censor.

The main broadcaster is the government-run NBC. There are five national daily publications, one of which is owned by the government. .

By December 2021, there were 1.3 million internet users, or 52% of the population (

  • The Namibian is a daily published in both English and Oshiwambo.
  • Daily Namibia Economist.
  • Die Republikein is an Afrikaans newspaper.
  • State-owned daily, New Era.
  • Namibian Sun - daily, private.
  • Weekly, private publication: Windhoek Observer.
  • Daily newspaper in German published in Windhoek is called Allgemeine Zeitung.
  • National state broadcaster: Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).
  • Free-to-air, privately owned One Africa TV.
  • State-run Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).
  • Private, music radio waves.
  • Radio Energy: music, in private.
  • Private, music on 99FM.
  • Kanaal 7 is a private, sacred area.
  • Nampa, the Namibian Press Agency.

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