NI Brexit deal: DUP applauds progress but says concerns still exist

Jonathan Donaldson

Following the UK and EU's agreement on post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland, the DUP has welcomed "significant progress," but claims "key issues of concern" still exist.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the leader of the DUP, stated that his party would now study the legal text before making a decision.

The agreement was a "decisive breakthrough," according to PM Rishi Sunak.

Additionally, a large number of Conservative MPs, including those who favored Brexit, supported the agreement.

However, some Conservative MPs have also stated that they will only support a deal if the DUP is on board.

The party has been boycotting the devolved government until its issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol are addressed because its support is essential to restoring power-sharing in Northern Ireland.

However, the agreement has received positive reviews, and Northern Ireland Office Minister Steve Baker claimed Mr. Sunak had "pulled a blinder.".

The staunch supporter of Brexit claimed that he had been debating resignation "as recently as yesterday," but that the Stormont brake mechanism had convinced him otherwise.

The agreement, he continued, "should be sufficient for any reasonable unionists.".

The Northern Ireland Protocol was amended by the long-awaited agreement, known as the Windsor Framework, which was signed by Boris Johnson and took effect in 2021.

By conducting checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain in place of the Irish land border, the protocol sought to ensure unrestricted cargo movement across the island.

The treaty, however, required Northern Ireland to continue adhering to some EU regulations.

The agreement, according to Mr. Sunak, "delivers smooth-flowing trade within the whole United Kingdom, protects Northern Ireland's place in our union, and safeguards sovereignty for the people of Northern Ireland," as he announced it at a press conference with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

According to the agreement:

  • A new "green lane" will be created for British goods going to Northern Ireland, with a separate "red lane" for goods that could end up going to the EU.
  • The majority of paperwork and inspections for goods entering Northern Ireland through the green lane will be eliminated, while inspections for goods entering through the red lane will continue as usual.
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly has the option to object to "significantly different" EU rules that would be in force there thanks to a "Stormont brake.".
  • In contrast to previous regulations, "critical" VAT changes will now be applied to the entire UK.

The DUP said in a statement that while "significant progress" had been made in a number of areas, "key issues of concern" still existed.

There can be no hiding the fact that EU law is still in effect in some areas of our economy in Northern Ireland, the statement continued.

The party declared that it would now like to examine the agreement's fine print and supporting legal documents.

The statement continued, "Where necessary, we stand ready to engage with the government to seek additional clarification, reworking, or change as necessary. ".

Several MPs who favor Brexit have reacted favorably to the deal.

The prime minister "pulled off a formidable negotiating success," according to former Brexit Secretary David Davis, and "secured the best deal.".

There has been "huge progress," according to the former business secretary Andrea Leadsom, who continued, "It now depends on whether the communities in NI feel it's the right solution. ".

The agreement would be put to a vote in Parliament at the "appropriate time," according to Mr. Sunak, who added that MPs needed time to consider the specifics.

Although Labour has stated that it will support a deal, the government will be hesitant to rely on votes from the opposition.

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