Nicaragua media directory

La Prensa newspapers in Managua, Nicaragua, April 15, 2020

The primary news sources for most Nicaraguans are radio and television. There are numerous TV networks, more than 100 radio stations, many of which are located in the nation's capital.

'Journalism is stigmatized as a whole,' claims Reporters Without Borders. According to the group, journalists are harassed, arbitrarily detained, and threatened with death.

According to Freedom House, many of the major TV networks support specific political groups, and members of the ruling class have financial ties to media companies. The Ortega administration is accused of making "systematic attempts to obstruct and discredit media critics," according to the report.

Due to the "strong wave of repression that the Daniel Ortega regime launched against opposition politicians, civil organizations, and independent media," according to RSF, there is essentially no independent media in the nation.

By July 2022, there were 4.2 million internet users, or 63 percent of the total population (

  • La Prensa: every day.
  • Weekly confidentiality.
  • Nicaragua Investiga is a news website online.
  • Nicavision Canal 12 has advertisements.
  • Commercials on channel 10.
  • Commercial on Telenica Canal 8.
  • commercial for Canal 4.
  • commercial for Canal 2.
  • Commercial for Radio Corporacion.
  • Commercials on Radio Mundial.
  • Owned by the government is Radio Nicaragua.
  • La Sandino is under Sandinista rule.

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