Nine days after the earthquake in Turkey, women were found still alive

In Turkey, dozens of rescue personnel surround an ambulance

Two women have been found alive in the rubble of Turkey's earthquake disaster, nine days after it occurred.

In the Turkish town of Kahramanmaras, rescuers were able to save Melike Imamoglu, 42, and Cemile Kekec, 74.

As workers focused on cleaning up the disaster-devastated cities, they were saved.

Humanitarian aid is needed for the millions of people who are living in makeshift camps throughout Turkey and Syria.

Muzaffer Biyik, the mayor of Darica, posted a video of the rescue to social media, showing the team cheering and hugging as Ms. Kekec was loaded into the ambulance.

According to local media, the 42-year-old survivor, Ms. Imamoglu, was told she was "awesome" when she was found.

A mother and her two children were reportedly rescued alive from the rubble in Antakya, another Turkish city that was severely damaged by the earthquakes.

Finding earthquake survivors is getting harder ten days after the catastrophe. The total number of fatalities has now surpassed 41,000.

While locals are shifting their attention to clearing the debris, foreign rescue workers who had just recently arrived in Turkey are starting to pack up and head home.

Rebuilding their lives must now start for the survivors. The Turkish government has urged citizens to, if at all possible, go home once the situation has been deemed safe.

However, many people now reside in impromptu camps after losing their homes. In the town of Kahramanmaras, where the women were saved, more than a thousand survivors set up camp inside a stadium.

Relief efforts in Syria have been hindered by the civil war that has split the nation.

For days, the UN allegedly withheld aid from Syria due to logistical problems.

Following the opening of a second border crossing through Turkey, aid did eventually arrive, but rescuers claimed they had no heavy equipment to remove the rubble.

Raed Saleh, who is in charge of the White Rebels' rescue effort in areas controlled by the opposition, said, "It has never happened before that there was an earthquake somewhere and the international community and the UN don't help."

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