Opera singer moves to Aberystwyth during the Ukraine conflict

At the Ukrainian Live Classic in the Lviv Organ Hall, Khrystyna Makar gave a performance

Wales has become a temporary home for Ukrainians who are escaping the Russian invasion.

An opera singer from around the world and her family are among those who have relocated here. Khrystyna Makar, who had left her husband and parents behind in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, arrived at the Llangrannog Urdd camp thanks to the Welsh government's super-sponsor program.

She claimed that she and her sons, Denys, 17, and Lukian, 12, have since gotten used to life on the west coast of Wales on the anniversary of Russia's invasion.

Both of her children miss home while attending secondary school in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

Christina's husband Volodymyr is still in Lviv, where Russian missiles are still being fired at the city.

When the war started, Khrystyna recalled, "it was frightening in our home because we had never felt those emotions before.". "After a short period of time, we began to accept the reality of war. I chose to depart and transport my kids to a secure location. I'm hoping the war will end soon so we can return home. "Our souls are in Ukraine, but we currently reside in Wales. Our Ukrainian souls have never perished, and they have never wept. Maintaining contact and staying strong is our county's most crucial support. ".

Khrystyna Makar with her sons Denys, 17, and Lukian, 12
Both Denys (left) and Lukian (center) attend Aberystwyth High School.

Denys stated he would serve his country if enlisted and plans to attend university in Ukraine the following year. It doesn't matter how your city appears to me, at least that's how I feel, he said. The real reason I want to return is because I miss my family and home and the people there. Everything there is what I miss. ".

Soprano Khrystyna, who has performed in opera houses in Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, and other cities, said she currently sings in her apartment but hopes to resume her musical career. Since I have kids, I feel strong. We hope for quick peace in Ukraine and would like to see the rest of our family again," she said. "Because you have to prove your identity all over again, starting over in a new country is difficult. I've had to adjust to a new way of life and a new language, but I believe it will benefit me in the long run. ".

Khrystyna Makar performing at St Michael Church, Aberystwyth
In Aberystwyth, Khrystyna Makar gave a performance at St. Michael's Church.

"I remember hearing that voice for the first time and thinking, wow where did that come from?" said Lowri Jones, director of the Urdd in Llangrannog.

"We made an effort to encourage that passion back then, and since coming here, she has given performances both locally and nationally. ".

Khrystyna Makar
Khrystyna enjoys including one Welsh song in her performances as a "thank you" to the Welsh people.

In addition to giving singing lessons, which was her job prior to leaving Ukraine, Khrystyna will perform at the Senedd on Wednesday to commemorate St. David's Day.

She also gave performances at charity events and the Tregaron National Eisteddfod, where she frequently sings a Welsh song. Learning Welsh songs is really interesting, she said.

"This is my way of thanking the Welsh for their support.

. "

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