Over Mexico's "unacceptable" support for Pedro Castillo, Peru recalls its ambassador

President of Peru Dina Boluarte

Following comments from the president of Mexico that Peru's government was "unconstitutional," Peru has indefinitely recalled its ambassador to Mexico.

Additionally, Pedro Castillo, the former president of Peru, was "illegally ousted," according to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. ".

Dina Boluarte, the president of Peru at the moment, condemned interference in its "internal affairs" as being "unacceptable".

She claimed that the comments would negatively impact international relations.

The expulsion of Pedro Castillo in December set off nationwide demonstrations that are still going on today and have resulted in at least 50 fatalities.

The 53-year-old is currently incarcerated on rebellion and conspiracy charges after attempting to dissolve Congress in an unsuccessful attempt to halt an impeachment vote against him.

Ms. Boularte, who served as Mr. Castillo's vice president, has so far resisted repeated demands from protesters that she resign so that constitutional reform could take place.

Speaking on Friday, she charged that her Mexican counterpart had supported what she had called Mr. Castillo's coup attempt.

She declared, "Mr. Lopez has chosen to seriously affect the bicentennial relations of mutual respect, friendship, cooperation, and desire for integration that have historically united Peru and Mexico.".

The ambassador's recall comes two months after Mexico's ambassador to Peru was expelled for granting Mr. Castillo's family political asylum in that country.

Mr. Castillo's removal has drawn criticism from other regional leaders in addition to Mr. Obrador; Bolivia, Argentina, and Colombia have all urged Peru to bring him back.

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