Plans for multimillion dollar refugee homes have been proposed in Shropshire

building a home

In Shropshire, homes for displaced Afghan and Ukrainian families could be built for more than £7 million.

If the plans are approved by council members next month, the families who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless would reside in 30 new homes.

The government would provide up to £3.2 million of the funding, and the council would propose borrowing the remaining amount, according to the local authority.

The houses would later fulfill the wider housing requirements of the authority.

In a report that will be discussed at a full council meeting on March 2, the authority outlined its plans.

The Local Authority Housing Fund, which was established in December to assist councils in locating long-term housing for those unable to secure their own housing, has been allocated the £3.2 million in funding.

According to Shropshire Council, 30 two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes will be purchased and renovated, and the first residents will be Ukrainian and Afghan refugee families.

The homes would arrive by November if the authority accepts the funding's conditions.

The council claimed it planned to spend a total of £7.2m by borrowing £3.2m on rental income and approving a £750,000 capital investment.

14 homeless Ukrainian refugee households are currently being housed by the council in bed and breakfasts, and they anticipate that number to rise over the coming months.

Although there are no bridging hotels for Afghan households in Shropshire, families are housed in the West Midlands, and it is crucial for the council to provide settled housing whenever possible.

It would seem pragmatist to accept the full allocation of capital funding to acquire the target number of homes and use best efforts to deliver, given the pressures on the council surrounding its homelessness duties and the fact that subsequent lettings can be used to meet the council's wider housing and homelessness pressures after the initial need of providing Ukrainian and Afghan refugees with a home is met.

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