Police in Yorkshire Dales unable to contact Thai woman's husband

Seekanya Lamduan

In order to speak with the family of a woman found dead in the Yorkshire Dales, police traveled to Thailand. However, they were unable to meet with the woman's husband.

In 2004, walkers found Lamduan Armitage, nee Seekanya,'s half-naked body in a stream close to Pen-y-ghent.

Her true identity was unknown for 15 years until her Thai relatives came forward and provided DNA proof that she was indeed their daughter.

Although officers have managed to speak with her parents, they have not yet been able to meet with her husband David Armitage.

On February 15, North Yorkshire Police announced that they would not be able to proceed with the investigation until they had "understood from Lamduan's family all the aspects about her life and particularly the last few months of her life.".

North Yorkshire Police with Lamduan's parents Buasa and Joomsri Seekanya
A memorial book was given to Lamduan's parents, Buasa and Joomsri Seekanya, to demonstrate how their daughter was treated with respect and consideration throughout the investigation.

While there, they collaborated with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) of the Thai police in response to a request from the force to interview witnesses in Udon Thani, Bangkok, and Kanchanaburi.

The head of the DSI's division of foreign affairs and international relations, Udomkann Warotamasikkhadit, stated that Mr. Armitage had initially agreed to come and provide testimony.

But he added that the day he declined, he claimed he had personal problems and wasn't feeling well. ".

It was "unfortunate," according to Adam Harland, manager of the major investigation team's cold case review unit, that they were unable to "seek the views of the entire family around Lamduan's remains.".

Officers would now return to North Yorkshire, according to Mr. Harland, as the DSI carried out its inquiries.

After Lamduan's body was discovered on September 20, 2004, a post-mortem investigation was conducted, but it was unable to determine how she passed away.

Walker Richard Hill moments before the body was discovered
While posing for a photo, a group of walkers came across her body in the stream.

Detectives were unable to find any evidence of violence, and hypothermia was ruled out, leaving them with two unanswered questions: who she was and how she died.

She was dubbed The Lady of the Hills and locals paid for her burial in the Horton-in-Ribblesdale churchyard.

In 2016, a cold case review was launched. Thanks to scientific advancements, police were able to piece together a more complete picture of the woman and determine that she had been murdered.

When a Thai family read a BBC online story about the case in 2019 and thought the woman might be their daughter who disappeared in 2004, there was a significant breakthrough.

To confirm Mrs. Armitage's identity, North Yorkshire Police used DNA testing with her parents as a result.

Lamduan Armitage, nee Seekanya, and family - pixelated
Between 1991 and 2003, Lamduan, a mother of three, and her husband David resided in Preston, Rugby, and Portsmouth.

It was determined that she and Mr. Armitage had immigrated to the UK in 1991 following their marriage in Thailand, and that they had been residing in northern England when she passed away.

According to The Sun, Mr. Armitage, who later traveled back to Thailand, has previously claimed he had nothing to do with his wife's passing.

After meeting Lamduan's mother Joomsri Seekanya, Mr. Harland claimed that the family's fervent wish was for the body to be sent back to Thailand.

However, he claimed that a memorial book displaying the location of Lamduan's grave and the manner in which the neighborhood had cared for her had been given to her family.

"This deeply touched Mr. and Mrs. Seekanya, and they asked that their gratitude and appreciation be extended to the people of Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

. "

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