Profile of Abkhazia

The Abkhazian map

Abkhazia was once regarded as a top vacation spot for the Soviet elite. It is located in the northwest of Georgia, with the Black Sea to the south-west, the Caucasus Mountains and Russia to the north-east.

In 1992–1993, the region engaged in and outlasted a war of secession with Georgia, and in 1999, it formally proclaimed its independence.

Moscow acknowledged the region as an independent state following the 2008 Georgia-Russian war. Georgia's response was to declare Russia had "occupied" Abkhazia.

The main source of revenue for Abkhazia's economy is Russian tourism, and in recent years, the country has moved closer to Russia. In order for Abkhazia to formally assume control over its borders with Georgia proper, Moscow signed a five-year agreement with it in 2009. In 2014, Russia and the region signed a "strategic partnership" agreement.

  • : capital. Sukhumi.
  • Area:. 8,665 sq km.
  • Population:. 244,000 people, roughly.
  • Languages:. Along with Russian, Mingrelian, Svan, Armenian, and Ossetian in Georgia.
  • Expected lifespan: unavailable data.

Aslan Bzhania is in charge.

Aslan Bzhania

In the presidential elections in Abkhazia held in March 2020, Aslan Bzhania won with about 59 percent of the vote.

Police and opposition protesters fought in the capital city of Sukhumi in December 2021. The opposition charged that the government had handled Covid-19 ineffectively and had improperly managed Abkhazia's energy infrastructure.

The primary news sources are Abkhazian state TV and Russian TV. In the area, major Russian stations are relayed. Abaza TV, the only private TV, has a license to broadcast throughout the entire area.

Other than via satellite, there is little to no access to Georgian television.

Newspapers are printed by the abkhazian government in both Russian and abkhazian. Alongside official publications, several private publications are published.

Internet usage is rapidly expanding.

Aerial view of Sukhumi, Abkhazia
Greek colonists first established Sukhumi in the sixth century BC.

Several significant dates in the history of Abkhazia include:.

756 . formed an independent kingdom.

985 . - Acquires Georgian citizenship before regaining its independence.

1578 . - Is governed by Turkey.

1810 . - Abkhazia is designated a protectorate by Russia.

1864 . - Abkhazia is annexed by Russia.

1931 . - Abkhazia is incorporated into Georgia by Soviet authorities.

1991 . - The year after announcing its independence, Georgia sends troops to Abkhazia to halt the secessionist movement.

1993 . - After fierce fighting, Georgian forces are driven out of Abkhazia. Prior to the war, nearly half of Abkhazia's population was Georgian, but up to 250,000 Georgians and other people were driven from their homes, effectively halving the country's population.

1994 . The cease-fire is agreed upon, and nearly all Russian peacekeepers arrive.

1999 . - The independence of Abkhazia is declared.

2008 . - Following the Russian-Georgian war over South Ossetia, Russia formally recognizes Abkhazia's independence.

2014. - An agreement for "strategic partnership" is signed by Russia and Abkhazia. Moscow is accused of wanting to annex Abkhazia by Georgia.

2020 . - Raul Khadzhimba is ousted from office by the public for the second time in six years.

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