Qatar media directory

In January 2021, a man arranges newspapers in Doha, the capital of Qatar

Qatar makes significant investments in its media industry, especially in its leading broadcaster Al Jazeera, a regional influencer.

The majority of media companies are owned by the government, members of the royal family, or individuals who support them.

The majority of outlets support the government. Journalists engage in self-censorship and refrain from reporting critically on both domestic and international affairs. Social media is now the only platform available for voicing discontent due to the lack of an opposition media.

Many media outlets support Islamist organizations, whose leaders have a sizable media presence.

A dispute that erupted between Qatar and its Arab neighbors in 2017 led to a propaganda conflict, but it has subsided since a deal to mend fences was signed in January 2021.

Radio Sawa from the US, the Arabic-language Monte Carlo Doualiya in France, and the BBC World Service radio all broadcast on FM in Doha.

One of the countries in the world with the highest social media adoption rates is Qatar. The two platforms with the most users are YouTube and Facebook. By July 2022, there were 3.1 million internet users, with registered users making up more than 100% of the total population (

  • Privately owned, pro-government daily Al-Watan (The Homeland).
  • Al-Rayah (The Banner), a privately held daily that supports the government.
  • Al-Sharq (The East), a privately owned daily that supports the government.
  • Al-Arab, a privately held daily that supports the government.
  • Al-Rayah's English-language sister publication is Gulf Times.
  • English-language The Peninsula is an Al-Sharq sister publication.
  • The English-language sister publication of Al-Watan is the Qatar Tribune.
  • Influential pan-Arab and global satellite broadcaster Al-Jazeera is supported by the Qatari government.
  • State-run Qatar TV broadcasts in Arabic, English, and on a satellite channel, the Koran.
  • The privately held Fadaat Media Group owns the London-based channel Al-Araby TV, which is largely supportive of the Qatari government.
  • Azzam al-Tamimi, a Palestinian intellectual, founded the London-based Al-Hiwar TV channel, which is reportedly funded by Qatar.
  • State-run Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) produces content in Arabic, English, French, and Urdu.
  • English-language, state-run Qatar News Agency.
  • English language portal for Qatar Day.

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