Refugee from Ukraine in Cornwall claims that her life was "put on hold."

Seredina Kseniia

A Ukrainian woman who recently immigrated to Cornwall claims that the Russian invasion of her nation a year ago "put on hold" her life.

As part of the Homes for Ukraine program, Kseniia Seredina moved to the county from Kyiv with her 80-year-old mother and 4-year-old son.

Her husband, a Russian, had to go back.

927 Ukrainians have been sponsored to live in Cornwall so far, according to the most recent data available from the UK government.

When Russia began its assault on 24 February of last year, Ms. Seredina claimed "everything was destroyed," dividing her family and forcing her to leave behind her "dream job" in marketing.

She described what happened on the morning of the invasion: "My neighbor was knocking on the door and shouting out that 'Russia is bombing us.

"I realized my life had been put on hold because I thought [the war] might end in a few weeks or months. ".

The future was uncertain, according to Ms. Seredina, who is currently residing in St. Austell, and her son "misses his dad so much.".

We have no idea where we'll be, she said.

"For kids, it's a very traumatic experience. ".

The support of those in the county and beyond helped her feel "resilient" despite the fact that she now realizes the war "isn't going to end fast.".

With the assistance of other nations, we feel strong, she said.

These are joint forces that fight not just for Ukrainian territory but also for global democracy, human rights, and individual freedom.

. "

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