Reports of a French teacher being fatally stabbed by a student

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In a school in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France, a high school student is accused of fatally stabbing a Spanish teacher.

According to local media, the incident occurred in a class on Wednesday morning. The local prosecutor, Jerome Bourrier, confirmed the attack to the news agency AFP.

Police and the neighborhood prosecutor are present, according to confirmation from the authorities.

The pupil was taken into custody.

When emergency services arrived on the scene, the teacher, who was in her fifties, had passed away from a cardiac arrest, according to local media.

According to the French newspaper Sud Ouest, the attacker attacked the Spanish teacher as she was teaching a class after breaking into the room.

In a tweet, the French minister of education, Pap Ndiaye, expressed his condolences to the teacher's "family, colleagues, and students.".

He declared that he would be arriving at the school "straight away.".

The student may have had mental health problems, according to local media. According to them, there is no indication that the incident was related to terrorism at this point in the investigation.

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