Republican Matt Gaetz's sex trafficking case was dropped

US Representative Matt Gaetz

According to sources who spoke to the US partner of the BBC, CBS News, Florida Republican Matt Gaetz won't be charged by the US justice department in connection with a sex trafficking investigation.

Additionally, a statement from his attorneys claimed that the case had been dismissed.

The goal of the two-year investigation was to ascertain whether the congressman had sex with underage girls across national or international borders.

Gaetz has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

"The DOJ has told us that they have finished their investigation," they said in their recent conversation. They have decided not to file any charges after looking into allegations of sex trafficking and obstruction of justice, according to his attorneys' statement on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, federal prosecutors informed witnesses of the choice. The department's decision to drop the charges against Mr. Gaetz was first announced by CNN.

The investigation, which started in 2020, included a number of targets, including the hardline Republican. After agreeing to plea deals with the government, several of Mr. Gaetz's associates, including a former girlfriend, testified in court.

As one of the most vocal opponents of Republican Kevin McCarthy's bid to become House speaker, Mr. Gaetz, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, recently made headlines.

Conservative Republicans under his leadership blocked the bid until Mr. McCarthy made a number of concessions.

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