Same-sex unions: According to the archbishop, "MPs tried to force the church on the issue."

Patriarch Justin Welby

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, has claimed that he is "threatened with parliamentary action" in an effort to "force same-sex marriage" within the Church of England.

He was speaking in Ghana at a gathering of the Anglican Consultative Council worldwide.

It follows church reforms that sanction same-sex couples entering into civil partnerships.

The modification was made as a result of a motion that the church's legislative body, the General Synod, approved this month.

It will maintain its stance against gay marriage and continue to forbid same-sex unions in churches.

According to The Telegraph, Mr. Welby resisted further changes to the status of same-sex marriage during a meeting with MPs at the House of Commons last month.

Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig said a meeting with the archbishop last month was "very disappointing" prior to the changes.

Ms. Toksvig, a well-known advocate for LGBT rights who is not a member of the church, told the BBC that she spoke out because she believed the bishops' message was having an impact that went well beyond the Church.

Although many progressives had hoped for more change in the church, some conservatives have found the changes to be intolerable.

When delivering the presidential address on Sunday, Mr. Welby claimed that "many" General Synod members had "dismissed" his worries regarding recent reforms.

He informed those in attendance that "rules about sexuality in the Church of England" have been put on the table for discussion as a "result" of rising atheism in the UK. The meeting was held in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

According to the archbishop, "individualism" has "almost eliminated" the Christian values of "community and mutual responsibility" in the global north.

The variety of viewpoints Justin Welby is attempting to hold together is evident in his remarks made in Ghana.

He was speaking to a group of Anglicans from various nations, some of which had anti-homosexuality legislation in place.

A comprehensive new anti-LGBT bill is currently being discussed in Ghana's own parliament. The Church of England's decision last week to permit prayers of blessing for same-sex couples conflicts with how many in attendance at the meeting in Accra understand the Bible.

However, the Church of England's opposition to gay couples getting married in church is seen as oppressive and out of step with Western culture by many.

That pair of positions is being kept together by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It is true that MPs have had conversations about potential steps to pressure the Church into approving same-sex marriages, but it is questionable whether he is actually "threatened with parliamentary action.".

However, there is currently no indication that the government would support this action and the ensuing conflict with the Church of England.

He warned the crowd that an increasing number of atheists, or "nones," represented a "danger.".

He clarified, "I don't mean N-U-N-s.". "By that, I mean people who respond "None" when questioned about their religious affiliation. I don't believe, he declared.

"The outcome is obvious. In the past few weeks, I have spoken about our interdependence with all Christians, not just Anglicans, particularly those in the global south with other faith majorities, as part of our discussions about sexuality and the rules surrounding sexuality in the Church of England.

"As a result, I received two summonses to the House of Commons and was threatened with parliamentary action to compel what is known as equal marriage in England.

"Many, not all, but many members of the General Synod dismiss my concerns when I discuss how the Church of England's actions will affect Anglicans around the world. ".

Assisted suicide and movements toward greater bodily autonomy were also criticized by the archbishop, who asserted that "personal control over our bodies has replaced morality and Christian faith.".

"Compared to where we were 30 years ago, our culture has completely changed in the financially more prosperous world. ".

"Birth with genetically designed babies is not far away," he asserted.

"And a great deal of people think that we have the right to choose how and when to die. ".

A prominent member of the House of Lords, the Archbishop of Canterbury has presided over discussions there.

Mr. Welby made mention of George Carey, a former archbishop of Canterbury, and his advocacy for assisted suicide in Westminster during his speech.

In the House of Lords, he claimed that his predecessor had "spoken strongly in favor of assisted suicide in the Houses of Parliament.".

He also mentioned a new morality that was created for "the powerful, the wealthy, and the intellectually well-educated.".

It is a morality that rejects the idea of human fallibility and sinfulness.

It does not hold a view toward reconciliation or hope.

"The Church faces challenges in this area.

. "

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