Satellite images of the Turkey-Syria earthquake show the destruction in Jindayris

A satellite image from February 11, 2023 shows destroyed structures in Jindayris, Syria's northwest

A small town in northwest Syria can be seen in satellite images to demonstrate the extent of the earthquake's destruction.

A catastrophic situation with "terrifying scenes" and "destruction everywhere" was described by the leader of the White Helmets organization, which has been in charge of the rescue operation in the area controlled by the opposition.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck nearby southern Turkey on February 6 completely destroyed 200 buildings.

Although another 813 injured survivors have been discovered alive, according to the While Helmets, 517 bodies have been pulled from the rubble there.

The deaths account for nearly a quarter of all those recorded in the area, where 90% of the 4 point 6 million people living there required humanitarian aid even before the disaster.

The White Helmets and the locals of Jindayris have also performed a number of incredible rescues there.

A man was seen carrying a newborn baby girl who had been discovered beneath the wreckage of her family's home and was still attached to her dead mother by her umbilical cord in a dramatic video shot hours after the earthquake. Her father, her four siblings, and her aunt also perished.

Drone footage of Jindayris posted by the White Helmets a week ago showed that such rescues were the result of hundreds of people searching through the rubble, often with just their bare hands.

The UN and the international community, however, have been accused by the White Helmets of failing to provide any of the heavy machinery or other specialized equipment they requested, which has hampered their operations.

Raed al-Salah, the leader of the group, also issued a caution on Tuesday, saying that the hunt for survivors in the northwest was about to come to an end.

He told the Reuters news agency, "The indications we have are that there are not any [survivors], but we are trying to do our final checks and on all sites.

In areas under government control, where 1,414 deaths have been reported by the health ministry, the situation is comparable.

According to the UN, 7,400 buildings in Syria have either been completely or partially destroyed, affecting a total of 8.8 million people.

Humanitarian needs were at their highest point since the country's civil war began almost 12 years ago when the earthquake struck. Additionally, it occurred in the midst of a cholera outbreak and the coldest month of the year.

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