Sen. Gloria Orwoba of Kenya was asked to leave due to a "period stain."

Gloria O'Rourke

A female senator from Kenya who was asked to leave the chamber due to what appeared to be a bloodstain on her pants told the BBC that she was proud of herself for speaking out against "period shame.".

Gloria Orwoba claimed to have seen the stain outside the building.

She explained, "Since I always speak out against period shame, I figured I should go ahead and walk the talk.

She received criticism from some MPs, including another female senator, who claimed she was acting disrespectfully.

Sen. Tabitha Mutinda raised the issue during Tuesday's plenary session and asked the speaker to rule on whether Ms. Orwoba had followed the house's dress code.

It is so indecent, said Ms. Mutinda. "You don't understand if she's on the normal woman cycle or she's faking it.". She continued that there was a better way to address this matter and that setting a poor example for young women and girls was inappropriate.

In her response, Ms. Orowba expressed disappointment at being questioned about "a natural accident. My clothing is stained.

She addressed the senate while wearing a white trouser suit, saying, "I think I'm dressed as per the standing orders - I'm covered, I have a suit, I have collars, I'm just short of a tie.".

Gloria Orwoba
Gloria Orwoba frequently criticizes "period poverty.".

Ms. Orowba claimed that because of her experience, she now understands the prejudice that some girls in Kenya experience during their periods.

"I now understand because it is the women who are trying to make this a crime because we had a girl who killed herself because of the same problem that I'm going through. ".

She was also criticized by a male senator.

"We have wives and daughters, and they experience these cycles, but it's a problem that needs to be handled privately without disclosing it to others. This house has a lot of reason to be ashamed of what Sen. Gloria has done to it. Sen. Enoch Wambua declared that this could not be allowed to occur.

Staff at the senate, according to Ms. Orowba, tried to talk her out of going into the chamber.

"A senate staff member rushed over to me as soon as I got out of the car to protect me and pleaded with me to get back in. I decided to practice what I preach since I am a constant opponent of period shame. ".

According to a decision by Senate Speaker Amason Kingi, Ms. Orowba must leave the room.

He asserted that having periods is never wrong. "Sen Gloria, I understand that you are experiencing the normal menstrual cycle. Since you have ruined your gorgeous suit, I'm requesting that you leave so that you can go change and return with undamaged clothing. ".

Ms. Orowba did not change after leaving the senate complex. She addressed the media before distributing sanitary pads at a school in Nairobi, the country's capital.

The senator is a supporter of a resolution that calls for more government funding for free sanitary pads and the provision of feminine hygiene items in all public schools. She claimed that the money would deal with "period poverty."

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