Shark attacks in New Caledonia's popular beach claim the life of an Australian

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In New Caledonia, a French Pacific territory, an Australian tourist was killed by a shark in front of horrified witnesses.

At a well-known beach in Nouméa, the 59-year-old was swimming about 150 meters (500 feet) from shore when he was attacked on Sunday, according to the authorities.

He was severely wounded in his leg and arms from being bitten multiple times, and he passed away there and then.

In the past three weeks, there have been three shark attacks close to Chateau-Royal beach.

The man was taken back to the beach by two sailors who were sailing nearby, where paramedics attempted to revive him.

Local media has reported that many people in the water at the time saw the attack, which caused a frantic rush back to the shore.

The majority of the local beaches have been closed, and authorities have mandated that sharks in the area's waters be caught.

On January 29, a shark attacked a swimmer in the area who was 49 years old, seriously injuring him. A few days later, a surfer was also attacked.

Around 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) east of Australia is New Caledonia, which is located south of Vanuatu.

Although there are only 270,000 people living there, the Florida Museum of Natural History, which has been keeping track of shark attacks worldwide since 1958, places it 13th in the world for the total number of attacks.

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