Still having nightmares after leaving Ukraine is a Staffordshire teacher

Harry Richardson and Alina, his spouse

A British national who had to take refuge in Ukraine after Russia invaded claimed he still has nightmares about his ordeal.

After leaving the country, Harry Richardson and his Ukrainian wife Alina went back to their hometown of Leek, Staffordshire.

When war broke out, the 63-year-old had been residing and working in Ukraine for more than three years.

But he acknowledged that, despite having returned, he was still "a little bit afraid.".

He told the BBC, "I didn't realize how difficult it would be. "Leaving the memories behind, not settling in. ".

Harry Richardson and his wife
Harry Richardson, his wife, and their stepchildren fled Ukraine via Moldova.

He continued, "I'm wonderful to be back home, I'm absolutely delighted.

"However, and my wife isn't even aware of this, I occasionally have bad dreams—I wouldn't call them nightmares—in which I still feel as though I'm present.

"I believe that psychologically, it has left me feeling a little frightened and vulnerable. ".

After finding refuge in a school's basement, Mr. Richardson and his wife fled Ukraine through Moldova with her daughter and grandson.

"More of an impact than I initially thought it had," he said of his experience.

Three months ago, he said, "I was sitting in our house doing some work when some fireworks went off unexpectedly and I almost jumped out of my skin.".

"It served as a reminder of the past. ".

Since then, Mr. Richardson has resumed his teaching career, including online classes for kids from the same Ukrainian town where he grew up.

Since being forced to flee her home country, he claimed that Alina had been "very strong," but she had still managed to come home to visit her family and "put her mind at ease a little bit.".

He continued, "She's been much stronger than I have.".

When the war is over, Mr. Richardson said he and his wife aren't sure if they'll go back to Ukraine.

That will require a serious and protracted discussion, he said.

"My wife will naturally want to return there. Her family resides there; it is her home.

"A part of me wants to stay in England, with everything I've grown accustomed to, including my friends and family, but obviously my wife," as it were.

So I haven't even begun to consider making a decision about it.

. "

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